About Our Mats

Entryways coir doormats are handmade by locals in Kerala, the most Southwestern state in India. This is a vital cottage industry, providing a fair and steady source of income and supporting a sustainable community.

Doormat production is a vital cottage industry in Kerala, India.

Coir comes from the husk of coconuts. It is a 100% natural and renewable fiber.

The coconuts are picked by hand and transported via rowboat, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint.
coconuts 2
Coir comes from the husk, or hair, on the inside of a coconut.
coconuts 3
The coconuts are split by hand.

The coconut husks are then soaked, dried, and spun.

The husk is spun into coir.
The husk is spun into coir.

The coir is then hand-woven into a mat.

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The dyes used for our doormats are fade resistant and eco-friendly. Each mat is hand-stenciled and dyed.

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After it’s made, each mat is then reviewed for quality. Our Handmade Collection is entirely made by hand, ensuring that your mat is of the highest quality.

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