P2059 – Like Home Mat

Our distinctive Sweet Home Collection offers our customers beautiful design at a more affordable price.

Returning family members and welcome friends alike will always be reminded that there is indeed no place like home with this hand-stenciled design that conveys a warm, universal sentiment and just may have your guests clicking their heels three times and saying those magic words at your doorway! Fittingly part of the Entryways Sweet Home Collection, this winsome and enduring doormat is made from the highest quality coconut fiber and features a non-slip PVC backing.

Sweet Home Collection Mats are made from coir, the fiber obtained from the husk of a coconut, and a non-slip backing. They have a ‘P’ prefix.

‘P’ Mats are 40 x 60 cm, 15 mm thick and they weigh approximately 1,4 kg

Care: Shake, sweep, or vacuum clean.