Handmade Collection

The Handmade Collection is where you will find our original, high-quality, hand-crafted doormats.

Mats from the Handmade Collection are handwoven (as the name suggests!) from coir in India. The design, workmanship and materials combine to deliver doormats that are appealing, useful and durable—epitomising functional artistry for the home.

Handmade Collection doormats are hand woven and hand stenciled; slight variations in colour, weight and size may occur and add to the uniqueness of our natural product . Handmade Collection mats are signified with an “S” after the product number.

“S” Mats are 40 x 60 cm and 25mm thick. They weigh approximately 1,3 kg.


9103S – Pineapple Trellis

1078S – Lavender Welcome

2169S – Succulent

2166S – Solstice

2152S – Brick Stripes Mat

2151S – Grey Home Mat

2099S – Roses Mat

2050S – Annabelle Mat

2018S – Ring Formations Mat

2033S – Knot-ical Mat

1088S – Four Pineapples Mat

122S – Ticking Stripes Black Mat

099S – Blank Mat

1090S – Chevron Mat

1077S – Namaste Mat

1027S – Art Nouveau Welcome Mat

948S – Ink Bouquet Mat

931S – Starfish Welcome Mat

928S – Anchor Mat

919S – Dahlias Mat

536S – White Polka Dots Mat